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  • Thank You for Refrigerator Donation

    We would like to send out a big shout out to Lilla Smith and her Family for donating a refrigerator for our concession stand. Thank You so much for your generous donation!

  • IMPORTANT! Opening Day Information

    Unfortunately due to COVID our uniform shipment has been delayed.  We do not know exactly when they will be in, but we are estimating early next week.  We are still going to have the first games this Saturday, September 11, at the times posted on the game schedule page on our website (https://www.belleviewsoccerclub.com/game-schedules/). 

    However, you will not need to be there until just before the listed game time since we will not be doing team photos that day (can’t do team photos without uniforms).  We also are going to be postponing the opening ceremonies and banner runs for a later date.  We will let everyone know the new date that we will be doing these.

    The teams will be playing this first game in “pennies” (the colored vests), which has been approved by the referees.  As soon as the uniforms come in, we will let everyone know and set a date and time to get them picked up.

    We are not happy about this either but unfortunately we have no other choice.  We felt this was better than further postponing the season, since we had to take a week off for COVID.

    Thank you for your patience while we work through this together.

  • Opening Day Schedule

    Opening Day Schedule

    The following is our tentative opening day schedule:

    7:00 am – Field set up.  Anybody that wants to help us get things set up, please feel free to come by.

    8:45 am –The following teams are to be at the fields for their photos:

    • U6 – Gold and Red/Blue
    • U8 – All teams
    • U10 – Gold and Purple
    • U13 – Gold, Green, Orange and Purple

    10:15 am – All teams are to be at the fields for the Opening Ceremonies

    10:30 am – Opening Ceremonies start

    10:45 am – Early games start.

    10:45 am – The following teams are to be at the fields for their photos:

    • U6 – Green and Purple
    • U10 – Green and Red/Blue
    • U13 – Pink and Red/Blue

    11:45 am – Late games for U6 and U8 start.

    12:15 pm – Late games for U10 and U13 start.

    Please check our website for the current game schedules at https://www.belleviewsoccerclub.com/game-schedules/

    We look forward to seeing you all there!

  • Regarding one of our former coaches

    On August 31, 2021, one of our former coaches, Johnny Algarin, was arrested and charged with possession of child pornography.  He was not a coach with our organization at the time of his arrest, but he was a coach when the alleged crime took place according to the court records.

    We at the Belleview Soccer Club would like to make it clear that we do not condone the alleged actions of Mr. Algarin.  We are all as shocked and disgusted as everyone else is, especially the fact that he was also around OUR kids as well. 

    By state law (FSS 943.0438), FYSA (Florida Youth Soccer Association, our state sanctioning body) is the one that does the background checks for all potential coaches and staff members.  This process is the same for every soccer club in the state.  If anyone has concerns about that process, I recommend contacting the FYSA to discuss it with them. 

    As soon as we found out about the arrest, we reached out to the detective working the case to offer any assistance that we can.  We also notified FYSA risk management so that they can take whatever appropriate action as necessary.

    We are doing all we can possibly do to protect the kids but unless someone has already been caught there is no way for us to know what they do when not around us. Believe me, as parents we have the same concerns about the children’s safety as you do.

    If you have any concerns about any interactions between Mr. Algarin and your child, please contact the Marion County Sheriff Office Major Crimes Unit at 352-732-8181.

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