• ZERO Tolerance for any type of altercations or bullying. Any verbal threats of violence or actual physical violence towards another player shall result the immediate suspension of the player in addition to charges being filed with the FYSA for possible disciplinary action. Any threats of violence or actual physical violence by a parent or spectator shall be referred to the local law enforcement agency.

• ZERO Tolerance for any illegal/illicit drug use anywhere on the property, including the parking lot. Anyone found using illegal/illicit drugs on the property shall be referred to law enforcement and permanently banned from the fields.

• NO making or shouting out negative comments to any player including your own.

• NO getting carried away with comments to the referees. The referees and coaches both have the authority to eject unruly spectators.

• NO profanity.

• NO BAD ATTITUDES on the fields at any time.

• NO PETS within the fenced area at any time. Service animals as defined in FSS 413.08(1)(d) and FSS 413.08(8) are allowed but must meet the requirements in that statute or their owners shall be asked to remove them from the fenced area.

• NO BICYCLES are to be ridden within the fenced areas (Marion County Ordinance 14-7(b)(1)).

• NO SMOKING within the fenced area or within 10 feet of any of the entrances. This includes e-cigarettes (“vaping”). Smoking is allowed in the parking lot.

• NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES are allowing anywhere in the sports complex at any time (Marion County Ordinance 14-6).

• No one except for coaches, players and background checked staff members may be allowed in the technical area (the players bench area). NO EXCEPTIONS.

• Loitering behind the goals is prohibited. We ask that everyone stay back at least 10 feet from the goal lines (this includes the entire area on either side of and immediately behind the goal) or preferably in the spectator area on the side of the playing field.

• We also ask that everyone stay at least 5 feet back from the “touch line” (the sideline between the spectator area and the playing field). This is for several reasons including the safety of the spectators in the event a player comes off the field quickly, to prevent interference from a spectator during play, and to prevent accidentally stepping onto the field of play. The line itself is part of the playing field according to the Laws of the Game (which we follow), and no one is allowed on the field of play except for the players and referees (or coaches for the younger age groups if there is no referee).

• DO – be supportive of and encouraging to ALL players.

• DO – show respect to others AT ALL TIMES.

• DO – keep temper in check at all times.

The following sanctions shall be imposed for violations of these rules, except for the “Zero Tolerance” items listed above:

Note: an occurrence is a violation of any of these rules, not a repeat violation of any one rule.

• First occurrence: a warning shall be issued to those involved to correct the situation by a coach or referee. If it is involving a player, the player’s parents shall be notified of the warning.

• Second occurrence: a second warning shall be issued, and a Board Member shall be notified.

• Third occurrence: The individual(s) involved shall be escorted from the fields by a Board Member and banned from the fields for a period of seven (7) calendar days. This includes missing all practices and the scheduled game during that time. The Board of Directors shall meet to discuss the offense and decide if further action needs to be taken based on the nature of the offense.

• Fourth occurrence: The individual(s) involved shall be banned from the fields for the remainder of the season, or for a period of time as decided by the Board of Directors. If the individual(s) return, or refuse to leave, a trespass warning may be issued by the local law enforcement agency. Further occurrences may result in the individual(s) being permanently banned from the fields.

A warning would give offenders the time to cool off and to realize that we are serious about stopping all unnecessary problems on the fields. If the problem is deemed serious enough for further action, the Board would then have time to call a meeting to determine further action if needed sooner than the actions listed above. In all cases involving players or referees, the FYSA rules shall be followed as appropriate. If there is a conflict between the Belleview Soccer Club’s rules and the FYSA rules, the FYSA rules take precedence.

The coaches and/or refs have the discretion to eject players or parents/spectators for the remainder of a practice or a game if they are being disruptive or exceedingly disrespectful, even if it is the first offense. In that case, a Board Member shall be notified and the sanctions for the occurrence shall be followed in addition to the ejection.