Spring 2024 Game Schedule


Teams will be listed prior to the start of practices.

Games are listed by age division. Please scroll down to see the complete schedule.

U6 (those born in 2018 and 2019)


  • Hornets (9-1): Head Coach Andrew Bennett, Assistant Coach Rodney Saucier, Team Mom Stephanie Bennett
  • Cavaliers (7-1-2): Head Coach Jessica Welling, Assistant Coach Matthew Meister, Team Mom Christina Hartman
  • Defenders (7-3): Head Coach Jacqueline Perez, Assistant Coach Amy Austin, Team Dad Carl Perez
  • Knights (4-3-3): Head Coach Jordan Ramsey, Assistant Coach SarahKate Nichols, Team Mom Nicole Saucier
  • Strikers (4-4-2): Head Coach Brooke Sykes, Assistant Coach Francisco Mendez, Team Mom Shannon Daughton
  • Snappers (4-5-1): Head Coach Juan Burnier, Assistant Coach Brandon Goosey, Team Mom Meghan Blanchard
  • Wolves (0-9-1): Head Coach Jonathan Dominguez, Team Mom Elisha Flowers
  • Goal Getters (0-9-1): Head Coach Emily Ristow, Assistant Coach Tre Barrett, Team Mom Lexi Ristow
Fri 2/236:30pm – 7:15pmCavaliers (W) vs Wolves (L)Field 4
Fri 2/236:30pm – 7:15pmDefenders (W) vs Strikers (L)Field 5
Fri 2/236:30pm – 7:15pmGoal Getters (L) vs Snappers (W) Field 6
Fri 2/236:30pm – 7:15pmHornets (W) vs Knights (L)Field 7
Mon 2/266:00pm – 6:45pmStrikers (L) vs Cavaliers (W) Field 4
Mon 2/266:00pm – 6:45pmSnappers (W) vs Wolves (L) Field 5
Tue 2/276:00pm – 6:45pmHornets (W) vs Goal Getters (L) Field 6
Tue 2/276:00pm – 6:45pmKnights (L) vs Defenders (W) Field 7
Fri 3/16:00pm – 6:45pmWolves (L) vs Hornets (W)Field 4
Fri 3/16:00pm – 6:45pmDefenders (W) vs Goal Getters (L)Field 5
Fri 3/16:00pm – 6:45pmCavaliers (W) vs Snappers (L)Field 6
Fri 3/16:00pm – 6:45pmStrikers (W in PKs) vs Knights (L)Field 7
Fri 3/86:00pm – 6:45pmSnappers (L) vs Hornets (W)Field 4
Fri 3/86:00pm – 6:45pmGoal Getters (L) vs Strikers (W)Field 5
Fri 3/86:00pm – 6:45pmWolves (L) vs Defenders (W)Field 6
Fri 3/86:00pm – 6:45pmKnights (W in PKs) vs Cavaliers (L)Field 7
Fri 3/226:00pm – 6:45pmCavaliers (L) vs Hornets (W)Field 4
Fri 3/226:00pm – 6:45pmKnights (W) vs Goal Getters (L)Field 5
Fri 3/226:00pm – 6:45pmSnappers (L) vs Defenders (W)Field 6
Fri 3/226:00pm – 6:45pmStrikers (W) vs Wolves (L)Field 7
Fri 3/296:00pm – 6:45pmStrikers (L) vs Snappers (W)Field 4
Fri 3/296:00pm – 6:45pmGoal Getters (L) vs Cavaliers (W)Field 5
Fri 3/296:00pm – 6:45pmDefenders (L) vs Hornets (W)Field 6
Fri 3/296:00pm – 6:45pmWolves (L) vs Knights (W)Field 7
Fri 4/56:00pm – 6:45pmHornets (W) vs Strikers (L)Field 4
Fri 4/56:00pm – 6:45pmKnights (W in PKs) vs Snappers (L)Field 5
Fri 4/56:00pm – 6:45pmCavaliers (W) vs Defenders (L)Field 6
Fri 4/56:00pm – 6:45pmGoal Getters (D) vs Wolves (D)Field 7
Fri 4/126:00pm – 6:45pmWolves (L) vs Cavaliers (W)Field 4
Fri 4/126:00pm – 6:45pmSnappers (L) vs Strikers (W)Field 5
Fri 4/126:00pm – 6:45pmDefenders (L) vs Knights (W)Field 6
Fri 4/126:00pm – 6:45pmGoal Getters (L) vs Hornets (W) Field 7
Fri 4/196:00pm – 6:45pmKnights (L) vs Hornets (W)Field 4
Fri 4/196:00pm – 6:45pmCavaliers (L) vs Strikers (W in PKs)Field 5
Fri 4/196:00pm – 6:45pmWolves (L) vs Snappers (W)Field 6
Fri 4/196:00pm – 6:45pmGoal Getters (L) vs Defenders (W)Field 7
Fri 4/266:00pm – 6:45pmHornets (L) vs Defenders (W)Field 4
Fri 4/266:00pm – 6:45pmGoal Getters (L) vs Knights (W)Field 5
Fri 4/266:00pm – 6:45pmSnappers (L) vs Cavaliers (W)Field 6
Fri 4/266:00pm – 6:45pmWolves (L) vs Strikers (W)Field 7

U9A (those born in 2015, 2016, and 2017)


  • Mambas (10-0): Head Coach Robert Leverette, Assistant Coach Destiny Espinosa, Team Mom Nickoda Mills Curiel
  • Demo Dogs (6-3-1): Head Coach Liz Cutright, Assistant Coach Zachary Blatchford, Team Mom Jennifer Cahill
  • Werewolves (5-3-2): Head Coach Chuck Antich, Assistant Coach Aaron Mimoso, Team Mom Amy Trafford
  • Ravens (3-5-2): Head Coach Mitchell Austin, Assistant Coach Krystal Hamilton Black, Team Mom Erin Benavides
  • Gladiators (2-7-1): Head Coach Justin Justice, Assistant Coach Amie Snyder
  • Panthers (1-9): Head Coach Lesa Jones, Assistant Coach Will Jusino, Team Mom Kristin Torres
Fri 2/236:30pm – 7:30pmRavens (L) vs Demo Dogs (W)Field 2
Fri 2/237:40pm – 8:40pmMambas (W) vs Gladiators (L)Field 1
Fri 2/237:40pm – 8:40pmPanthers (L) vs Werewolves (W)Field 8
Mon 2/266:00pm – 7:00pmDemo Dogs (W) vs Gladiators (L)Field 8
Wed 2/286:00pm – 7:00pmWerewolves (L) vs Mambas (W)Field 8
Thu 2/296:00pm – 7:00pmPanthers (L) vs Ravens (W)Field 8
Fri 3/16:00pm – 7:00pmRavens (L) vs Mambas (W)Field 1
Fri 3/16:00pm – 7:00pmWerewolves (W) vs Gladiators (L)Field 8
Fri 3/17:10pm – 8:10pmDemo Dogs (W) vs Panthers (L)Field 2
Fri 3/86:00pm – 7:00pmWerewolves (W in PKs) vs Ravens (L) Field 1
Fri 3/86:00pm – 7:00pmMambas (W) vs Demo Dogs (L) Field 2
Fri 3/87:10pm – 8:10pmGladiators (W) vs Panthers (L)Field 1
Fri 3/226:00pm – 7:00pmGladiators (L) vs Ravens (W)Field 1
Fri 3/226:00pm – 7:00pmMambas (W) vs Panthers (L)Field 8
Fri 3/227:10pm – 8:10pmDemo Dogs (L) vs Werewolves (W)Field 8
Fri 3/296:00pm – 7:00pmGladiators (W in PKs) vs Demo Dogs (L)Field 2
Fri 3/296:00pm – 7:00pmRavens (L) vs Panthers (W)Field 8
Fri 3/297:10pm – 8:10pmWerewolves (L) vs Mambas (W)Field 1
Fri 4/56:00pm – 7:00pmDemo Dogs (W) vs Ravens (L)Field 1
Fri 4/56:00pm – 7:00pmPanthers (L) vs Werewolves (W)Field 8
Fri 4/57:10pm – 8:10pmMambas (W) vs Gladiators (L)Field 2
Fri 4/126:00pm – 7:00pmMambas (W) vs Ravens (L)Field 2
Fri 4/127:10pm – 8:10pmPanthers (L) vs Demo Dogs (W)Field 1
Fri 4/127:10pm – 8:10pmGladiators (L) vs Werewolves (W)Field 8
Fri 4/196:00pm – 7:00pmGladiators (W) vs Panthers (L)Field 1
Fri 4/196:00pm – 7:00pmRavens (W in PKs) vs Werewolves (L)Field 8
Fri 4/197:10pm – 8:10pmDemo Dogs (L) vs Mambas (W)Field 2
Fri 4/266:00pm – 7:00pmPanthers (L) vs Mambas (W)Field 2
Fri 4/267:10pm – 8:10pmRavens (W) vs Gladiators (L)Field 1
Fri 4/267:10pm – 8:10pmWerewolves (L) vs Demo Dogs (W)Field 8

U9B (those born in 2015, 2016, and 2017)


  • Pink Robins (10-0): Head Coach Baylee Campbell, Assistant Coach Stefan Campbell, Team Mom Hailey DiSabello
  • Ducks (6-2-2): Head Coach Maddy Van Horn, Assistant Coach Luis Sanchez Gonzalez, Team Mom Angel Ewer
  • Ice Breakers (6-2-2): Head Coach Luis Morales, Assistant Coach Andrew Bennett, Team Mom Reon Tenney
  • Vipers (3-7): Head Coach Kaison Edstrom, Assistant Coach Brian McElfresh, Team Mom Jessica Strange
  • Corsairs (3-7): Head Coach Brynsen Welling, Assistant Coach Bree Arvizu, Team Mom Victoria Kidd
  • Sharks (0-10): Head Coach Travis Black, Team Mom Cara Day
Fri 2/236:30pm – 7:30pmSharks (L) vs Corsairs (W)Field 1
Fri 2/236:30pm – 7:30pmPink Robins (W) vs Vipers (L)Field 8
Fri 2/237:40pm – 8:40pmIce Breakers (L) vs Ducks (W in PKs)Field 2
Mon 2/267:10pm – 8:10pmCorsairs (L) vs Ducks (W)Field 8
Tue 2/277:00pm – 8:00pmPink Robins (W) vs Sharks (L)Field 8
Thu 2/297:10pm – 8:10pmVipers (L) vs Ice Breakers (W)Field 8
Fri 3/16:00pm – 7:00pmVipers (L) vs Ducks (W)Field 2
Fri 3/17:10pm – 8:10pmSharks (L) vs Ice Breakers (W)Field 1
Fri 3/17:10pm – 8:10pmCorsairs (L) vs Pink Robins (W)Field 8
Fri 3/86:00pm – 7:00pmVipers (W) vs Sharks (L)Field 8
Fri 3/87:10pm – 8:10pmIce Breakers (W) vs Corsairs (L)Field 2
Fri 3/87:10pm – 8:10pmDucks (L) vs Pink Robins (W)Field 8
Fri 3/226:00pm – 7:00pmCorsairs (L) vs Vipers (W)Field 2
Fri 3/227:10pm – 8:10pmDucks (W) vs Sharks (L)Field 1
Fri 3/227:10pm – 8:10pmIce Breakers (L) vs Pink Robins (W)Field 2
Fri 3/296:00pm – 7:00pmDucks (W) vs Corsairs (L)Field 1
Fri 3/297:10pm – 8:10pmVipers (L) vs Ice Breakers (W)Field 2
Fri 3/297:10pm – 8:10pmSharks (L) vs Pink Robins (W)Field 8
Fri 4/56:00pm – 7:00pmCorsairs (W) vs Sharks (L) Field 2
Fri 4/57:10pm – 8:10pmPink Robins (W) vs Vipers (L)Field 1
Fri 4/57:10pm – 8:10pmDucks (L) vs Ice Breakers (W in PKs)Field 8
Fri 4/126:00pm – 7:00pmDucks (W) vs Vipers (L)Field 1
Fri 4/126:00pm – 7:00pmPink Robins (W) vs Corsairs (L)Field 8
Fri 4/127:10pm – 8:10pmIce Breakers (W) vs Sharks (L)Field 2
Fri 4/196:00pm – 7:00pmDucks (L) vs Pink Robins (W)Field 2
Fri 4/197:10pm – 8:10pmSharks (L) vs Vipers (W)Field 1
Fri 4/197:10pm – 8:10pmCorsairs (L) vs Ice Breakers (W)Field 8
Fri 4/266:00pm – 7:00pmSharks (L) vs Ducks (W)Field 1
Fri 4/266:00pm – 7:00pmVipers (L) vs Corsairs (W)Field 8
Fri 4/267:10pm – 8:10pmPink Robins (W) vs Ice Breakers (L)Field 2

U12 (those born in 2012, 2013, and 2014)


  • Cobra Kai (9-0): Head Coach Trevor Dunn, Assistant Coach Jason Waldron, Assistant Coach Jessica Wilson, Team Mom Penny Byrd
  • Titans (7-1-1): Head Coach Katie Davenport, Assistant Coach Jon Shute, Assistant Coach Kelley Shute, Team Mom Melissa Holland
  • Tootsie Rolls (5-2-2): Head Coach Kailey Storm, Assistant Coach Steven Mahadeo, Team Mom Samantha Boley
  • Red Phantoms (4-2-3): Head Coach Delorme Grant, Assistant Coach Jacqueline Perez, Team Dad Carl Perez
  • Warriors (5-3-1): Head Coach Earnest Bowen, Assistant Coach Evondale Rose, Team Mom Devin Sias
  • Dragons (5-4): Head Coach Megan Athow, Assistant Coach Michael Brown, Team Mom Meghan Blanchard
  • Chargers (3-5-1): Head Coach Roberto Torres, Assistant Coach Brizeida Albarran, Team Mom Stovie Fleming
  • Belleview Matrix (2-7): Head Coach Dustin Sala, Assistant Coach Aaron Ring, Team Mom Mary Sala
  • Mustangs (0-8-1): Head Coach Ashley Bettmann, Assistant Coach David McCarty, Team Mom Jacque Smith
  • Fire Ants (0-8-1): Head Coach Jeremy Babson, Assistant Coach Misty Hamblen, Team Mom Jessica Selsor
Fri 2/236:30pm – 7:35pmBelleview Matrix (L) vs Warriors (W)Field 3
Fri 2/236:30pm – 7:35pmChargers (L) vs Tootsie Rolls (W)Field 9
Fri 2/237:45pm – 8:50pmCobra Kai (W) vs Titans (L)Field 3
Fri 2/237:45pm – 8:50pmDragons (L) vs Red Phantoms (W)Field 9
Fri 2/239:00pm – 10:05pmFire Ants (L) vs Mustangs (W in PKs)Field 9
Fri 3/16:00pm – 7:05pmMustangs (L) vs Cobra Kai (W)Field 3
Fri 3/16:00pm – 7:05pmTootsie Rolls (W) vs Belleview Matrix (L) Field 9
Fri 3/17:15pm – 8:20pmTitans (W) vs Warriors (L) Field 3
Fri 3/17:15pm – 8:20pmRed Phantoms (W in PKs) vs Chargers (L)Field 9
Fri 3/18:30pm – 9:35pmFire Ants (L) vs Dragons (W)Field 3
Fri 3/86:00pm – 7:05pmBelleview Matrix (L) vs Titans (W)Field 3
Fri 3/86:00pm – 7:05pmChargers (W) vs Fire Ants (L)Field 9
Fri 3/87:15pm – 8:20pmTootsie Rolls (W in PKs) vs Red Phantoms (L)Field 3
Fri 3/87:15pm – 8:20pmWarriors (W) vs Mustangs (L)Field 9
Fri 3/88:30pm – 9:35pmCobra Kai (W) vs Dragons (L)Field 9
Fri 3/226:00pm – 7:05pmCobra Kai (W) vs Chargers (L)Field 3
Fri 3/226:00pm – 7:05pmDragons (L) vs Warriors (W)Field 9
Fri 3/227:15pm – 8:20pmFire Ants (L) vs Tootsie Rolls (W)Field 3
Fri 3/227:15pm – 8:20pmRed Phantoms (W) vs Belleview Matrix (L)Field 9
Fri 3/228:30pm – 9:35pmMustangs (L) vs Titans (W)Field 3
Fri 3/296:00pm – 7:05pmTitans (W) vs Dragons (L)Field 3
Fri 3/296:00pm – 7:05pmTootsie Rolls (L) vs Cobra Kai (W)Field 9
Fri 3/297:15pm – 8:20pmBelleview Matrix (W) vs Mustangs (L)Field 3
Fri 3/297:15pm – 8:20pmWarriors (W) vs Chargers (L)Field 9
Fri 3/298:30pm – 9:35pmRed Phantoms (W) vs Fire Ants (L)Field 9
Fri 4/56:00pm – 7:05pmChargers (L) vs Titans (W)Field 3
Fri 4/56:00pm – 7:05pmDragons (W) vs Mustangs (L)Field 9
Fri 4/57:15pm – 8:20pmCobra Kai (W) vs Red Phantoms (L) Field 3
Fri 4/57:15pm – 8:20pmFire Ants (L) vs Belleview Matrix (W)Field 9
Fri 4/58:30pm – 9:35pmWarriors (L) vs Tootsie Rolls (W)Field 3
Fri 4/126:00pm – 7:05pmTitans (W in PKs) vs Tootsie Rolls (L)Field 3
Fri 4/126:00pm – 7:05pmCobra Kai (W) vs Fire Ants (L)Field 9
Fri 4/127:15pm – 8:20pmBelleview Matrix (L) vs Dragons (W)Field 3
Fri 4/127:15pm – 8:20pmMustangs (L) vs Chargers (W)Field 9
Fri 4/128:30pm – 9:35pmRed Phantoms (W in PKs) vs Warriors (L)Field 9
Fri 4/196:00pm – 7:05pmTootsie Rolls (W) vs Mustangs (L)Field 3
Fri 4/196:00pm – 7:05pmCobra Kai (W) vs Belleview Matrix (L)Field 9
Fri 4/197:15pm – 8:20pmTitans (W) vs Red Phantoms (L)Field 3
Fri 4/197:15pm – 8:20pmWarriors (W) vs Fire Ants (L)Field 9
Fri 4/198:30pm – 9:35pmChargers (L) vs Dragons (W)Field 3
Fri 4/266:00pm – 7:05pmDragons (W) vs Tootsie Rolls (L)Field 3
Fri 4/266:00pm – 7:05pmBelleview Matrix (L) vs Chargers (W)Field 9
Fri 4/267:15pm – 8:20pmFire Ants (L) vs Titans (W)Field 3
Fri 4/267:15pm – 8:20pmMustangs (L) vs Red Phantoms (W)Field 9
Fri 4/268:30pm – 9:35pmWarriors (L) vs Cobra Kai (W)Field 9

U15 (those born in 2009, 2010 and 2011)


  • Villains (9-0): Head Coach Justin DeBorde, Assistant Coach Nicholas Torino, Team Mom Heather Matilla
  • Manchester City (4-4-1): Head Coach Randall Sanchez, Assistant Coach Jose Melean, Team Mom Gabriela Briones-Castro
  • Eagles (4-4-1): Head Coach Arron Hall, Assistant Coach Gage Williams, Team Mom Hannah Williams
  • Green Storm (0-9): Head Coach Amanda Watts, Assistant Coach Krystal Hamilton, Team Dad Ted Tucker
Fri 2/237:30pm – 8:45pmGreen Storm (L) vs Manchester City (W)Field 10
Fri 2/238:55pm – 10:10pmEagles (L) vs Villains (W)Field 10
Fri 3/17:00pm – 8:15pmEagles (W) vs Green Storm (L)Field 10
Fri 3/18:25pm – 9:40pmManchester City (L) vs Villains (W)Field 10
Fri 3/87:00pm – 8:15pmEagles (W) vs Manchester City (L)Field 10
Fri 3/88:25pm – 9:40pmGreen Storm (L) vs Villains (W)Field 10
Fri 3/227:00pm – 8:15pmGreen Storm (L) vs Manchester City (W)Field 10
Fri 3/228:25pm – 9:40pmVillains (W) vs Eagles (L)Field 10
Fri 3/297:00pm – 8:15pmGreen Storm (L) vs Eagles (W)Field 10
Fri 3/298:25pm – 9:40pmVillains (W) vs Manchester City (L)Field 10
Fri 4/57:00pm – 8:15pmManchester City (W) vs Eagles (L)Field 10
Fri 4/58:25pm – 9:40pmVillains (W) vs Green Storm (L)Field 10
Fri 4/127:00pm – 8:15pmGreen Storm (L) vs Manchester City (W)Field 10
Fri 4/128:25pm – 9:40pmEagles (L) vs Villains (W)Field 10
Fri 4/197:00pm – 8:15pmEagles (W) vs Green Storm (L)Field 10
Fri 4/198:25pm – 9:40pmManchester City (L) vs Villains (W)Field 10
Fri 4/267:00pm – 8:15pmManchester City (W in PKs) vs Eagles (L)Field 10
Fri 4/268:25pm – 9:40pmVillains (W) vs Green Storm (L)Field 10