Belleview Soccer Club is run by a group of dedicated volunteers and any extra assistance is always greatly appreciated and welcomed.


We are always looking for people to coach. If you enjoy soccer and would like to teach the sport to young players please contact us at​

  • Head Coaches: As a head coach, you will be the “owner” of your team.  This means you will run practices and make sure your team is ready for the games, and you are responsible for issued items such as team equipment bags, issued first aid kits and radios during games, etc.  The head coaches also are responsible for maintaining communications with the parents of their players to let them know changes and/or cancellations of practices and games, as well as if there are any problems. We expect head coaches to remain committed to their team for the season (both Fall and Spring). Head coaches are allowed 1 player to be registered for free and each head coach also gets a team uniform.
  • Assistant Coaches: Want to coach but afraid to commit, why not try being an Assistant Coach? What a great way to help, more hands the better. The assistant coach helps the head coach run practices and coach during a game, but also can run practices and coach games if the head coach is unable to be there. Team uniforms are provided for assistant coaches. Assistant coaches are not eligible to have a player registered for free.

All coaching staff, whether head coach or assistant coach must pass a Level 1 background check (which we provide at no cost), and complete two online risk management training modules prior to coaching. These both must be completed on an annual basis.


  • We are always looking for interested people to become referees.  Please contact us for more information!

Other volunteer opportunities:

  • Concession Stand:  Help staff the concession stand during the games. 
  • Field Beautification:  Happens during each game and after every practice.  Consists of picking up the trash inside the fence boundaries when you see it.  Placing your trash in the trash barrels and picking up around the benches.
  • Uniforms:  Happens at the start of each season. Assisting the Uniform Committee with collecting and distributing uniforms at the beginning of each season.
  • Field Workers:  Set out & pickup flags and help move the goals and team benches on game days and placing them back after the games.  

If you are interested in helping please contact us at or contact a staff member at any game.